Officer Eryn Hageman
Officer Hageman graduated from Waterloo West High School in 2000 and from Hawkeye Community College in 2003. 

Officer Hageman was hired by the Waterloo Police Department in August of 2004. Officer Hageman has worked in patrol and in
the investigation division and is currently assigned to second shift investigation crime lab unit. She is trained as a technical
collision investigator, a field training officer, and has received advanced forensic training in bloodstain pattern analysis and
marijuana identification.

Officer Hageman has been the lead lab investigator in several homicides and is always willing to assist other lab personnel in their cases. In whatever tasks she undertakes, she has displayed professionalism, compassion, and extreme competence. The one attribute in particular that was cited in her nomination, and one that she displays day in and day out, is her positive attitude. Her supervisor, Sergeant Kerry Devine, said, “Her work ethic affects others around her to strive to do better in their duties”.

Since 1970 there have been 39 different officers honored as "Officer of the Year".  The remaining officers
are listed below:

Year Honored Officer Year Honored Officer
    2013 Greg Erie
2012 Brice Lippert 2011 Randy Hammitt
2010 Spencer Gann 2009 Jeff Tyler
2008 Gregory Kemp 2007 Rob Camarata
2006 Dave Bovy 2005 Matt McGeough
2004 Rob Duncan 2003 Robert Michael
2002 Steve Bagenstos 2001 Chris Gergen
2000 Cliff Caughron 1999 Verl "Skip" Johnson
1998 Jeffrey Harrington 1997 Tina Lathrop
1996 Michael McNamee 1995 Randy Chapman
1994 Jimmie Schmidt 1993 Scott Pagel
1992 Carroll Keinol 1991 Larry Coffin
1990 Cheryl Rathe 1989 Carl Teske
1988 Scott Lake 1987 Becky Christie
1986 Duane Foutch 1985 Buck Clark
1984 Rick Harned 1983 Thomas Shimp
1982 John Woods 1981 Richard Boesen
1980 A. Lynn Moller 1979 Carroll Keinol
1978 Brian Corcoran 1977 Darwin Cunningham
1976 Richard Arends 1975 Larry Thompson
1974 Michael Wagner 1970 Larry Dolan