Lieutenant Aaron McClelland is assigned to the Training Unit.  Lt. McClelland has been with the
Waterloo Police Department serving the citizens of Waterloo since 1997.

Lieutenant McClelland is in charge of the day to day operations of the Training Unit.  He has been on
the Tactical Unit since 2000 and is currently the Tactical Commander responsible for the Tactical team,
the Bomb Unit, and the Negotiators for the department.

Lieutenant McClelland was promoted to Sergeant in 2007 and has served the department in the Investigations
Unit, the Citizens Response Unit, Watch I, Watch II, and Watch III Patrol as a supervisor.  Prior to being promoted
to Sergeant he worked Watch II, Watch III, and was the Training Coordinator for the department.  He also
served as a Field Training Officer for 8 years before being moved to the Training Officer position. 

Lieutenant McClelland is the senior Firearms Instructor/Armorer for the department and has spent the last
15 plus years instructing Waterloo Police Officers as well as other Officers from across the state.  Lieutenant
McClelland was the department's first Taser Instructor, a Sudden in Custody Death Instructor, and served
as the President of Iowa NAFTO (National Association of Field Training Officers) for 3 years. 

Lieutenant McClelland has an Associate's Degree from Hawkeye Community College where he received
the William F. Mullikin scholarship sponsored by his family after his tragic death in 1981.  He began his
law enforcement career as a Reserve Officer in Evansdale Iowa while in college and has been serving the
citizens of Waterloo since. 

To contact Lieutenant McClelland, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Lieutenant Aaron McClelland