Since 1868 there have been 12 Marshals and 24 Police Chiefs for the City of Waterloo. Listed below are the names and dates of tenure for the Marshal's and Police Chiefs.



2022-2024 Joe Leibold Chief of Police
2019-2022 Dr. Joel F. Fitzgerald Chief of Police
2010-2019 Daniel J. Trelka Police Chief
2000-2010 Thomas J. Jennings Police Chief
1990-2000 Bernal Koehrsen, Jr. Police Chief
1985-1990 Roger Shook Police Chief
1982-1984 Kenneth Huck Police Chief
1980-1982 Junior Grimm Police Chief
1978-1980 Frank J. Bemisdarfer Police Chief
1970-1978 Robert L. Beener Chief of Police
1961-1970 Robert S. Wright Chief of Police
1946-1961 Harry J. Krieg Chief of Police
1944-1946 Ralph J. Davis Chief of Police
1934-1943 Hugh R. Crumrine Police Chief
1930-1933 F. M. Shores Police Chief
1926-1929 Chas. Mohlis Police Chief
1924-1925 E. A. Leighton Police Chief
1921-1923 P. E. Walker Police Chief
1920-1921 H. H. Young Police Chief
1919-1920 Geo. Weilein Police Chief
1917-1919 F A. Sporle Police Chief
1916-1917 J. D. Caldwell Police Chief
1912-1915 E. A. Leighton Police Chief
1910-1911 W T. Dinneen Police Chief
1908-1909 E. A. Leighton Police Chief
1905-1907 J. N. Sweitzer Marshal
1901-1904 O. H. Simmerling Marshal
1893-1900 J. F. Klingaman Marshal
1888-1892 S. M. Hoff Marshal
1886-1887 M. W. Gipe Marshal
1883-1885 W. C. Munger Marshal
1882-1882 D. E. Hume Marshal
1881-1881 Charles Mantle Marshal
1878-1880 H. W. Jenney Marshal
1876-1877 H. H. Saunders Marshal
1874-1875 J. P. Evans (App'd) Marshal
1873-1873 James Ellis (App'd) Marshal
1869-1872 J. P. Evans Marshal
1868-1868 S. M. Hoff Marshal

From the Chief's Office