Waterloo: Firearm-Related Incidents

Since May 22, 2022, the City of Waterloo experienced several firearms-related incidents. Just this last week, our officers have seized more than seven firearms.  As a result, the Waterloo Police Department, along with Local, State, and Federal law enforcement partners, are working with Community Stakeholders to address the violence in a press conference on Wednesday June 1, 2022 at 2:00 PM in the Waterloo City Council Chambers.

Dr. Joel Fitzgerald, the WPD Chief of Police, stated, “Our community is pulling together to collectively address the violence that marred a time when families in our city gathered to celebrate. Since May 22, persons, and I struggle to call them people, with little or no regard for the lives of others disturbed the peace in this community. This group of community leaders think their violence is disgusting, and gathered to tell them the time for talk is over; they support our (the WPD) renewed focus on abating violent crimes caused by the few.” Fitzgerald stressed that as we move into the summer months residents should expect to see a focused law enforcement/community supported effort that focuses on gang members and violent criminals.  

He gave a stern warning, “For those who think they can create chaos without reprisal, you are wrong. We stand together today as the Waterloo Police, federal agencies, the Iowa State Patrol, the Black Hawk County Sheriff’s Department, and the community, to tell you we intend to hit you from every direction. We will use all of the resources that we have at our disposal to arrest you. People in this community work hard, and want to enjoy the fruits of their labors on a Memorial day Weekend without worrying that small groups of idiots who are only tough with guns in their hands could destroy their families.”

WPD asks that residents not be alarmed by the additional volume of activities that may be seen throughout the city. This coordinated approach will be focused on those who commit crimes using intel developed internally and through our community stakeholders.

“Acts of violence of any kind, including gun violence, are never inflicted in isolation impacting only the victim and perpetrator.  When an act of violence takes place in our community, our entire community is impacted AND the entire community must respond,” says Mayor Quentin Hart.  “Local law enforcement has implemented new programs and policies that are working, but it takes the efforts of the entire community to address the root causes of these senseless acts.”

Below are summaries of those incidents:

  • May 22nd at 3:24 AM, WPD officers were dispatched to a shots fired call and located a victim in a vehicle in the 200 block of Manson. A bullet that entered the passenger side of the vehicle struck the victim in the right side of the head. Officers administered first aid while awaiting an ambulance, but the victim was transported to the hospital and pronounced deceased.
  • May 26th at 9:00 PM, WPD officers were dispatched to Allen Hospital on a report of a gunshot victim. Upon their arrival they learned the victim sustained a non-life threatening gunshot wound in the leg somewhere in the area of Kern Street.
  • May 29th at 2:31 AM, WPD officers were dispatched to a shooting in the 700 blk of W. 1st street, where two persons were involved in a physical altercation. As the fight escalated, a gun was produced, shots were fired, and both men sustained gunshot wounds. One male combatant died from an injury, and the second remains hospitalized.
  • May 29th at 6:53 PM, WPD officers were dispatched to a shooting on the 60o block of Boston, where they recovered several fire cartridge casings. A residence and several vehicles were struck by the gunfire. A short time later, a shooting victim with non-life threatening injuries to the arm arrived at Unity Point Hospital via private vehicle.
  • May 30th at 8:53 PM, WPD officers were dispatched to W 4th and Grant St for a person shot. When they arrived on the scene they found a victim suffering from a gunshot wound to the neck, and immodestly began lifesaving CPR. The survived and was eventually transported from a local hospital to the University of Iowa for specialized treatment.
  • May 30th at 10:17 PM, WPD officers were called to the area of the 300 blk of Conger for a report of gunshots. They checked the area and located a scene in the 900 blk of Logan. One home and one vehicle were damaged as a result of gunfire.
  • May 30th at 10:55 PM, WPD detectives were in the area of E. 4th and Sumner, when they heard gunfire. They responded and observed numerous people fleeing the area. They secured the parking lot and a business recovering fired cartridge casings, bullets, a damaged vehicle, and a firearm. A short time thereafter, a person arrived at a local hospital with a non-life threatening gunshot wound to the lower left leg.

Each case is active and are assigned to the WPD Detective Division. We will provide additional updates as arrests are made.

Captain Jason Feaker

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