Waterloo Mayor Buck Clark and Interim Chief of Police John Beckman released crime and calls-for-service statistics for 2009, along with comparisons from 2008.


The total number of all reported offenses is down 2%.  In 2009 police investigated 16,402 offenses compared to 16,737 in 2008.  Group "A" offenses (homicide, sexual assault, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, etc) were down .47% in 2009. There were a total of 7,791 Group "A" offenses reported in 2009 compared to 7,828 reported in 2008.


There were three homicides in 2009, one of which concerned an officer involved shooting incident that was deemed to be a justifiable homicide.  By comparison, there were two homicides in 2008.  Aggravated assaults rose 16.74% from 233 to 272.  Burglaries were down 5%, with 760 burglaries investigated in 2009, as opposed to 800 in 2008.  Armed robbery reports were up 28.32% from 113 in 2008 to 145 in 2009.  Theft offenses were down 10.23% from 1,682 in 2008 to 1,510 in 2009.


Group "B" offenses were up from 2,814 in 2008 to 2,975 in 2009, or a 5.72% increase.  This increase can be attributed to stepped-up investigations of OWI, public intoxication, liquor law violations and trespassing incidents.


Police investigated 2,141 traffic crashes in 2008 compared to 1,941 in 2009, a decrease of 9.34%.  Traffic fatalities were down from 6 in 2008 to 4 in 2009.


"Other offenses," which include missing persons, unattended deaths, public accidents, firearms accidents, etc., went from 3,954 in 2008 to 3,695 in 2009 for a decrease of 6.55%.


Officers responded to 82,044 calls-for-service in 2009 compared to 75,932 in 2008, which is an 8.05% increase.  Officers made 5,590 arrests in 2009 compared to 5,506 arrests in 2008, which is a 1.53% increase.


The Tri-County Drug Enforcement Task Force initiated 345 cases in 2009 compared to 378 in 2008. The Task Force made 195 arrests in 2009 compared to 251 arrests in 2008, executed 48 search warrants and investigated 35 meth labs and dumps. They seized 52 weapons, 15 motor vehicles and $194,396.47 in cash.


The Task Force also seized the following amounts of drugs:


DRUG SEIZURE                  AMOUNTS            STREET VALUE
Methamphetamine                796 grams            $79,600.00
(ICE) meth                8,067.2 grams            $1,210,000.00
Marijuana                23.03 pounds            $47,062.00
Crack Cocaine                387.7 grams            $77,540.00
Cocaine                488.6 grams            $48,860.00
Ephedrine                 600 tablets + 400 grams            $6,815.00
MSM                34 gram            $680.00
Ecstasy                 17 grams            $510.00
Pharmacy                1706 tablets            $14,060.00
Mushrooms                 several plants            $1,000.00
Heroin                 10 grams            $1,900.00
                Total Street Value            $1,488,027.00




Interim Chief Beckman said he is encouraged by the overall 2% decrease in reported offenses and the drop in property crimes (burglaries and thefts).  Even though the Group "B" offenses are up, it reflects the proactive approach the officers are taking when dealing with alcohol related offenses and criminal trespass complaints.  Interim Chief Beckman also noted that vehicle crashes and traffic fatalities are down, and added that the number of traffic citations are up, due in part to the implementation of the department's traffic enforcement unit, which began in January 2009.


Interim Chief Beckman believes the hard work of the officers of the Waterloo Police Department, along with the community's involvement, are key elements in the reduction of crime in 2009.  Interim Chief Beckman said "In order to maintain this downward trend, the department and the community will need to increase their efforts to ensure that Waterloo remains a safe place to live, work and enjoy the many quality of life attractions our city offers."  Beckman went on to say that he is confident that, by working together, we can achieve that goal.

Mayor Buck Clark said, "The decrease in the overall crime rate in Waterloo is a good sign. It speaks highly of the continuing efforts made by the department and community working together to report crime and cooperate in the investigations. The men and women of the Waterloo Police Department are some of the highest trained in the state, and they constantly display the competence, commitment and dedication to make our city a safe community. "



Captain Tim Pillack

Waterloo Police Department

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