On Tuesday June 2, 2020, at approximately 9 PM there was a peaceful gathering in Lincoln Park that lasted for approximately one hour to protest the tragic death of George Floyd in Minnesota.  

At approximately 10:30 PM, a fringe group began to gather in the park and began marching onto city roadways.  Officers immediately provide traffic control for the safety of those protesting.  The persons involved in the march temporarily blocked traffic at highway 63 and Highway 218; several occupying a vehicle (hanging from the doors and windows) facing the wrong direction on the highway.  A member of the group threw a rock from the elevated position that struck the top of an occupied/marked police vehicle that was responding to area to block traffic for the safety of the crowd, causing damage to the police vehicle. Command level officers ordered the crowd to disperse from Highway 218, as officers were unable to assure the protection of the lives and safety of those blocking the highway from oncoming traffic; deploying gas to disperse the crowd.

Members of the same group returned to Washington Park and were again ordered to disperse several times, and again refused to do so. An arrest was made of one of the individuals. More orders were given to disperse. The crowd refused. A deployment of gas was used but was ineffective in dispersing the crowd. A divisionary device was used as bright light and loud sound to encourage dispersion. Officers began to move towards the crowd. Another individual refused to disperse who was then placed under arrest. Officers continued to move towards the crowd which resulted in the dispersion of the crowd from the area with no further incidents or arrest.  

The below individuals were arrested for the following criminal charges as result of the entire incident:  

  • Amos Wise, 20 b/m of Waterloo was charged with rioting, and interference with official acts.
  • Jordan Begley, 21 w/m of Waterloo was charged with rioting, and failure to disperse,
  • Theresa Schmidt, 21w/f of Waterloo was charged with rioting, interference and failure to disperse. 
  • Dena Soteros, 25, w/f of Waterloo was charged with rioting and failure to disperse.
  • Jordan P. Weidler, 18 w/m of Waterloo was charged with rioting, failure to disperse, assault on officers, harassment of a public official.

The Waterloo Police Department remain committed to preserving the rights and safety of those who chose to protest lawfully. We pledge to continue assisting those involved in peaceful protests, and intervening in those that are not. All members of the Department express their gratitude to the plethora of community stakeholders who fight for positive and proactive changes in policing in a lawful and collaborative manner.

A Criminal Charge is merely an accusation and a defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.

Jordan Begley                 Theresa Schmidt                 Dena Soteros                     Amos Wise         Paul Weidler

 Begley                   Schmidt                         Soteros                      Wise          Weidler                                                                          

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